What Makes an Effective Website Design?

e-commerceFor business owners, advertising is the most effective way to get their products, services and brands recognized by the consumers. Advertising can be successful in many ways, whether people are buying their products or using their services or simply just going to the physical location of the store. It all amounts to getting your business recognized amidst the hustle-bustle marketing world.

E-Commerce and Small Business vs. Corporate Giants

The huge corporate giants spend millions to pay PR (Public Relations) and Publicity firms to advertise and market their business. Apart from this costly procedure, it does give them the upside of being recognized by other businesses worldwide. The smaller businesses however cannot spare millions to recreate this kind of publicity.

E-Commerce, going back as far as 1998, had given small business owners the opportunity to reach out to international consumers. And now, after years of going through a lot of evolutionary procedures, e-Commerce has finally been suited for helping small businesses get global recognition.

The Most Effective Advertising Tool

Of course, you can advertise anything on the Internet now. But the most common and probably the most effective way of advertising a business is through your own business website. Think of it this way, the Internet is a huge and infinite space of prime business real estate and having a website is like placing your very own skyscraper with your business’ name on top of it. It’s easy to get a place in the Internet, with all the web hosting companies popping up here and there. The most crucial part is designing your building to make it stand out, or the case in point being your website.

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One of the more crucial ingredients for a successful website is its design. When it comes to the Internet, everyone’s attention span shortens to a few seconds, which means you only have a few seconds to leave a lasting impression on a potential customer. Website design is simply not just about colors and shapes and pictures. It’s about placement. What good are high end graphic designs when users can’t find what they’re looking for, like links to other pages?

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The Importance of a Strong and Powerful Web Design for your Business

Whether you’re a small business owner or the owner of a multi-millions company, everyone is on equal ground when they are on the Internet. No company is too big or too small. Every business with a website can compete with one another, regardless of niche, market, and location (in some how).

A website of a flower shop in Sydney can compete with another flower shop website based in Europe, or an accounting firm’s website can compete with another firm based millions of mile across the globe.

The only question here is “Will I be able to get my business’ presence known?


The essential part of a website – DESIGN

People are always on the go, even if they are online. If they can’t find anything on a particular site, they move on to another site in 5 seconds or less. That’s how fast they make their first impressions on your website and your company.

When your design is lacklustre and has the excess of everything except professionalism, your website is bound to fail and fall.

Business owners have this mentality of ignoring the design, when in fact, the design of your website is the most essential part. Without it, or the lack of it, your website is as good as gone.

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The Trends for Website Design in 2014

I believe that web design is like fashion – in order to sell, it has to look good. Have you ever bought or looked twice at a dress or shirt that looked bad? The same analogy applies to websites. No one, and I repeat, no one will ever look twice at a poorly designed site, nor will they stay there for too long. While 2013 welcomed several new trends for website design, it’s high time now to look at the trends that will be a big hit this 2014.



Responsive web design refers to websites that are compatible with mobile browsing, and I think it’s one of the trends that will make it big this 2014. People today are logged on to the Internet using their smartphones and tablets, and as such, creating websites for these people is something that designers should prioritize. This basically means that developers should look into enhancing their HTML5 skills as well.


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How To Earn Some Extra Money From Your Website

Nowadays it seems just about everybody has a website. I’ve even discovered recently that my uncle has one. It’s a small personal blog which he started a few years ago and which seems to have got extremely popular. It must be his writing style or something however he now has hundreds of people every day visiting his blog.

He is a bit of a computer nut and so as well as writing about his own personal life he started to write about anything he could think of to do with computers and computing. And it seems that gradually people began to find out about his website, visited it and started to realize that it had some very useful information on it.

And as he realized that more and more people were visiting the website he started to write more about computers and computing and less about his own personal life. Gradually over time he developed the website to the point where it now has a huge army of enthusiasts who visit regularly.

And so, once he realized that he had a significant number of visitors coming to his website every day, he decided to see whether it was possible to make any money from it. After all it was taking up quite a considerable amount of this time and if he was able to make some sort of financial return that would make up for the time he spent writing on his website.

And so he discovered that it was possible to make some money from Amazon by writing about products available for sale on Amazon. If he adds a link in his website to the same product at Amazon, and one of his visitors goes to Amazon via that link and buys the product then he makes some money.

Once he realized this it was like a light bulb going off in his head. He started expanding and developing new websites, and now has quite a number of websites all doing the same thing, in other words writing about particular products and directing visitors to Amazon.

One of his most successful is the Gun Safe Adviser. On this website he writes about gun safes and offers a range of gun safe reviews, for people to read, and then if they are interested in finding out more about the gun safes that he reviews they can go to Amazon and take a look at the particular safe, and if they buy it he then makes a small commission.

He was no expert about gun safes however spend a lot of time online reading about how gun safes are made, what they do, what makes a good safe and what makes a bad safe, which safes can be used for which types of firearms and so on. Once he learned enough about them he then started writing reviews of gun safes and putting them on his website and making some money from Amazon.

Of course Amazon isn’t the only place where you can make some money like this. There is thousands of websites online that sell products and which will pay a small commission to owners of other websites for sending people to them who then subsequently buy a product from the website.

It’s called affiliate marketing and it’s getting more and more popular online every day as more and more people realize that a small website that they built, and which now attracts visitors, might also be able to earn some extra income.

So if you have a website which gets a reasonable number of visitors it’s worth finding out more about affiliate marketing, and about Amazon. It will pay you to do so.

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